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Project node-groupme


✔️ This package is in active development! If you'd like to contribute, click here 🙂


Inspired by discord.js, node-groupme aims to replace the obsolete groupme package with a modern, object-oriented, intuitive approach to interacting with the GroupMe API.

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This community-led effort is made possible by the unofficial GroupMe API Community Docs. Please contribute to the development of open-source applications by contributing to the community docs.

Join the node-groupme server on Discord to discuss the API or ask any questions.

Getting Started

npm i node-groupme
const GroupMe = require('node-groupme');
const client = new GroupMe.Client('YOUR_TOKEN_HERE');

    .then(client => client.groups.fetch())
    .then(groups => groups.forEach(group => console.log(group.name)))

Getting Started (Contributing)

git clone git@github.com:groupme-js/node-groupme.git
npm i
npm run prepare

npm run prepare sets up husky pre-commit hooks, which will auto format and run eslint on your staged files locally.

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